5 Benefits for Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency

Benefits for Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency

People are always looking for new, better ways to communicate and keep in touch with others, tell stories or maintain records of important personal or social events. That need led to the invention of cave wall paintings, writing, mail, radio, the telephone and modern communication tools like email, the web and social media platforms.

With many people having to keep themselves confined to their homes since early 2020, social media use has grown considerably. And as more people use social media, the more attractive these platforms become for marketing. For any brand looking to grow in 2021, this is a must. If you’re an entrepreneur that’s just putting together your first startup or have an established brand and are looking to take it to the next level, you’re probably considering advertising on different social media platforms. Maybe you’re wondering whether to run the campaigns yourself or hire someone to do that for you. Here we’ll show you some benefits for hiring a social media marketing agency.

1. A lot less learning

If you’re relatively new to the social media scene, you probably know about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But that’s just barely scratching the surface. There are tons of other platforms: TikTok, LinkedIn, Quora, Researchgate and many others. But it’s not just knowing that there are a lot of platforms; you have to be familiar with their profiles. Different platforms attract different demographics. The average user on Reasearchgate is vastly different from the one on TikTok. If you’re going to advertise on different platforms, you have to know who is more likely to see your ads. Of course, you could always study these platforms, use them and see what they’re like for yourself. But it’s far easier to hire an agency that already knows them. Some agencies even have specialists in each of these platforms and they can help you be more efficient on them.

2. All-in-one solution for creating ads

There are different kinds of ads. YouTube and TikTok ads are videos. Instagram ads can be videos, one image or a series of images. Facebook ads can be almost anything, including articles. Almost every social media platform has certain formats you must adhere to. If you’re going to create your ads yourself, you’re going to need image manipulation software, video editing software, video cameras, still image cameras and, of course, know how to use all of that. While learning to do it yourself can be a fun and very rewarding experience, doing so will take time that you could use to actually run your business. Social media marketing agencies have teams of graphic designers and video editors that can create high-quality ads for you in far less time.

3. Consistency in branding

Take a moment to think about your favorite brands. It doesn’t matter if it’s a supermarket chain, clothing, soft drink or baseball team. Each one of them has its own distinctive colors, logos, slogans, images, music and even recognizable fonts. If you want to establish your new brand or scale it up to the next level, you must achieve the same level of consistency. You must have a distinct color palette that will be easily recognizable and will separate you from your competition. An eye-catching, easy-to-identify logo is also a big help as is a catchy slogan. But branding can involve a lot more. Your branding can identify with goals and values and let others know where you stand on important issues. Keeping your branding consistent while targeting different audiences on different social media isn’t always the easiest thing to do. How can you simultaneously market to a 70-year-old grandmother on Facebook and a 19-year-old college student on TikTok while staying true to your brand? Social media marketing agencies have the expertise to help you keep your brand solid and consistent.

4. Better analytics

When you have one video ad running in one campaign on YouTube, keeping track of its performance is easy. If you spent 500$ on an ad that was viewed 1,000 times and got 100 sales, then you paid 50 cents for each view and 5$ for each sale. Easy! But things can get pretty complicated very quickly. Suppose you have 10 different video ads, running on 5 different campaigns on YouTube and, besides that, you are simultaneously running marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each of these campaigns will be generating data that must be studied so you can get the most bang for your buck. Some campaigns will be more efficient than others and you might want to put more money into those. Some might not be even working at all and you would be better off shutting them down. Setting up the tracking codes for these analytics can be pretty hard on its own, but then the data has to be monitored, ideally several times a day. Again, this is something you can learn to do yourself. But social media marketing companies will definitely be more familiar with the process and can guide you through the decision-making process. They would also probably have access to better, more expensive analytical tools that might be outside your budget when you’re just starting.

5. Less time and less money

Like we mentioned before, you can run your social media marketing yourself. But you’ll need some specific hardware and software to create your ads. Maybe you already own some of it and have some basic knowledge on how to use them. But surely you’re going to need at least some additional training and/or equipment to get the really professional-looking results you want for your ads. This means spending some money and taking what could be a considerable amount of time. Hiring an agency to do your social media marketing could potentially cost less and will definitely take less time than doing it in your own. And remember… the time you spend creating and setting up ad campaigns and then monitoring campaign analytics is time that you are not spending on the business you created and doing what you love and do best.

In conclusion…

Social media marketing is a must these days, whether you are looking to scale your brand or are just starting from scratch. This type of marketing is extremely powerful and both more accessible and affordable than the TV commercials we’ve all known since our childhoods. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a steep learning curve. Social media marketing might have started out simple enough, but those early strategies won’t cut it anymore. Marketing on social media has gotten a lot more sophisticated and much more competitive. If you’re just getting into the arena, it can be a lot to handle. We’re not saying it’s impossible for you to learn to do it on your own. You totally can. The real question is if you can learn quickly enough to do it efficiently while keeping your brand consistent. You probably started your business because you love and have a passion for doing something and, if you want to keep happy in your business, that’s what you should spend most of your time doing. When all is said, the main reason you might want to consider hiring a social media marketing agency is because it’s faster, more efficient and will leave you with more money, more time to do the things you like to do and spend more quality time with the people you love.